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Instructor Yvonne Yan-Yung Kwok
Instructor Yvonne Yan-Yung Kwok
Yvonne Yan-Yung Kwok is a 3rd degree black belt instructor certified by Taekwon-Do International. She is a direct student of legendary Grandmaster Suk-Jun KIM, 9th Degree Blackbelt and President of Taekwon-Do International. Instructor Kwok began her teaching career as an assistant instructor under Master William Wai-Yin KWOK’s guidance since 2006, and she started to teach independently soon after she earned her 1st degree black belt in 2008. Instructor Kwok is experienced in teaching students of all ages and levels, and specialized in teaching children; she is currently the Head Instructor of the children’s program.

Instructor Kwok has also taught children in other organizations as well including the Brooklyn Montessori School. She firmly believes in the beneficial aspects of martial arts training in children’s health and growth, both physically and mentally. With the background of growing up in Hong Kong, she was educated in the Oriental way, which can be referred to the tenets of Taekwon-Do. One of her goals is to educate children various life lessons through Taekwon-Do in her fun yet firm lessons.

Beside martial arts, Instructor Kwok is also an artist who started her creative life since a very young age. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Hunter College in 2010. Besides a wide variety of Western art including graphic design, photography and painting, Instructor Kwok is very much attached to the art of her origin, Chinese calligraphy as well. In a multi-cultural city like New York, Ms. Kwok would like to share the profound East Asian culture through martial arts and fine arts in deep sincerity.