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Fun Facts
Why do Taekwon-Do practitioners sometimes yell out loud during practice?

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It is a breathing exercise that can benefit us in many different ways.
Master Jae-Hyuck Shim
Master Jae-Hyuck Shim

Master Jae-Hyuck Shim
Master Jae-Hyuck Shim is our guest master instructor hailing from the Republic of Korea. He began his Taekwon-do training at the age of 10 and earned his 1st degree black belt at the age of 12. Master Shim also trained while in college with the Yonsei University International Taekwon-do club; he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in 1996 and his Master of Science in 1998. Due to his dedication to training, he also earned his 2nd and 3rd degree black belts. In 1999, Master Shim became an Assistant Coach with the Yonsei University International Taekwon-do club. In 2000, Master Shim moved to the US to attend Yale School of Medicine as a Ph.D. candidate in Immunobiology. During his time at Yale, he resumed his Taekwon-do practice with the Yale Taekwon-do club. He also served as an Assistant Coach at the Yale Taekwon-do club, and earned his 4th degree black belt in 2005 and his Ph.D. in 2006. Master Shim then moved on to Harvardís School of Public Health where he did his postdoctoral work as a research scientist. Master Shim is currently an Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Medical School.