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Fun Facts
Who was the founder of Taekwon-Do?

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General Choi, Hong Hi
Adults Program
Our Adults curriculum focuses on traditional Taekwon-Do training with practical self-defense techniques in a non-competitive format to meet your exercise needs. Students will learn and practice martial arts in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while gleaning the benefits of aerobic and muscle toning exercises. We offer aerobic, strength-building workouts which develop fitness, coordination, speed and flexibility, along with improved focus and concentration.

Board Breaking Side Kick

We teach Taekwon-Do in a fun and easy way. Our approach is gentle and considerate. Students can progress at their own pace according to their age and physical ability. We are beginner friendly and honor and respect individual fitness levels and goals. Sparring and other contact activities are always practiced in a controlled manner. We use bags and shields to safely insure the effectiveness of techniques. We always offer a trial class to prospective students to see if this novel approach to martial arts training is for you. This is a continuous, year-round program. New students may join at any time.

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