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Juniors Program
Our Juniors curriculum, for students ages 5 and up, focuses on traditional Taekwon-Do presented in an age appropriate manner. We understand the need for discipline, as well as fun, in working with our young people. Students will learn effective kicking and punching techniques as well as proper etiquette as young ladies and gentlemen. We do this by focusing on the tenets of Taekwon-Do (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit) while teaching our classes.

Junior Students in Action

Through little courtesies like bowing, children learn discipline and respect, which often carry through into their home and school lives. Children build positive relationships based on friendship and mutual respect. They learn that respect is something that everyone must earn by demonstrating that same respect for others.

Junior Earning New Belt

We have high standards for all students and our children's program is no exception. We expect our students to be focused and disciplined at all times during class. They will recognize the importance and the true meaning of both courtesy and integrity. Our students consistently exceed our expectations!

Through repetition, children learn to persevere in mastering techniques that challenge them at each level. Kids learn to set goals, achieve and accomplish them, building confidence along the way.

The physical benefits of Taekwon-Do will be immediately noticeable for children of all ages. The fundamental moves of Taekwon-Do teach children coordination and concentration. Students will learn simple and effective self-defense skills and develop the ability to understand when it is appropriate to use those skills. Taekwon-Do offers a full mind and body workout for children.

Juniors Taekwon-Do Demonstration

Unlike other after-school sports, Taekwon-Do practice is extremely individual and personal to each child. Each child's goal and achievement is unique and personal to him or herself. We monitor each child's progress carefully and help set individualized goals for him or her to achieve. Our objective is to help each of our students reach their potential in the martial arts, but more importantly, we hope our children will grow up strong and healthy with a solid foundation in physical fitness.

Our program provides a structure that emphasizes both physical development and moral responsibility. By focusing on these virtues, we develop self-esteem, kindness, confidence and spirit in all our students.