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Why do Taekwon-Do practitioners sometimes yell out loud during practice?

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It is a breathing exercise that can benefit us in many different ways.
"The Juniors program from Gotham Taekwon-Do's Master Dawn-Marie Sardiñas allows the students the opportunity to experience traditional Taekwon-Do tenets and techniques in a manner that is engaging and fun. This allows the students to explore the art in a culture of respect, discipline and integrity."
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Molly Davis, Director
After School and Summer Programs
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

"To devote himself to teaching Taekwon-Do is a laudable decision. That great school of self-discipline, philosophy and martial arts is a jewel of the East Asian tradition. [Master] Kwok has the insight to recognize its full significance and the determination to help his students do so."
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- Philip Kuhn, Professor
Department of East Asian Language And Civilization
Harvard University

"I joined Gotham Taekwon-Do in January, having done Taekwon-Do at 2 previous schools. Of the 3, I am enjoying Gotham the best. The way that Master Sardiñas and Master Kwok teach us is amazing, jovial yet serious. Each lesson is different like each combination of students. Both instructors go the extra mile and make sure that everyone's needs aren't ignored. The atmosphere that they have created is very supportive with each student helping each other with patterns and flying side kicks, etc. etc. etc. At some point in every lesson, we review the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do, Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit. After being at Gotham for 5 ½ months now, I learned that the instructors aren't people here to make money, but people with a genuine love of Taekwon-Do. It shows in the way they teach, and in the way they act. Gotham Taekwon-Do has taught me that Taekwon-Do isn't only a martial art, but a way of life."

- Ajay Mayar, 12, Green Belt