Juniors Program

Junior I (Ages 5 - 7) is the next step after Little Lions and starts to extend our students' Taekwon-do training with a bigger variety of basic techniques appropriate for their level and development. Students will begin to train for their yellow belt recognized by the Taekwon-do International. As children at this age are still in the early stages of developing cognitive skills, the belt system is broken down into more checkpoints before advancing to full colored belts.

Junior II (Ages 8 - 12) is the next step after Junior I and continue to train on more advanced Taekwon-do techniques. Classes are run in a similar format to the Adults program that is modified with appropriate social behavior. Children will be expected to show leadership and sometimes volunteer to assist in classes for younger students.

Our Juniors curriculum, for students ages 5 and up, focuses on building character education through traditional Taekwon-do. We do this by focusing on the tenets of Taekwon-do (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit) while teaching our classes. As the next step after Little Lions program, students will be taught effective kicking and punching techniques in an age-appropriate manner.

COURTESY- Through small courtesies like bowing, children learn discipline and respect, which often carry through into their home and school lives.

INTEGRITY - We have high standards for all students and our children's program is no exception. Students are expected to try their best in order to be honest with others and themselves.

PERSEVERANCE - Through repetition, children learn to persevere in mastering techniques that challenge them at each level. Kids learn to set, achieve and accomplish goals, and building confidence along the way.

SELF-CONTROL - As children advance in belt level and gain more knowledge of effective Taekwon-do, self-control is emphasized in their training as they begin to understand their own strength.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT - Students in Taekwon-do training learn valuable life lessons along their journey of training. They will learn to believe in themselves and to never give up in the face of obstacles. And above all, students will have fun! They will grow to learn about respect, discipline, responsibility, and be on the path to the best person they can be.

Private lesson is available upon request - Private lesson is suitable for all students regardless of rank and age. The structure of private lesson and lesson content is based on your personal goals and needs in Taekwon-do. Students will get quick and measurable results and the motivation to push the results further. Private lesson will allow students receive better results in less time, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

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