About Us

About Our School

Gotham Martial Arts is a world class martial arts education facility in the Lenox Hill/Upper East Side of Manhattan. The objective of our Taekwon-do program is to facilitate each student's education by placing a strong emphasis on physical development and character through teaching and providing quality martial arts instruction. Not only will students learn self-defense and increase their physical fitness, but also gain an improvement of mental focus, discipline and increased awareness of traditional values. We believe that through training, individuals will achieve a more educated mindset that can be incorporated into other aspects of the life.

Headmaster William Kwok and his students believe passionately in giving back to our communities and making a difference. In 2021, we participated in producing a comedy short, Kung Fu Grandma. The short film is about anti-bullying/ anti-hate crime. We hope this short film will inspire the audience to make a difference and help create a safe and peaceful living environment for everyone. The primary goal is to spread the message "Standing Strong Together," strengthening the bond within our community through mutual understanding and communication

Established in 2007, our community has grown with our team of masters and instructors, with over 40 years of experience. We are a proud member of Taekwon-do International. Anyone who has the desire to become a better martial art practitioner and individual is welcome! We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

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Our Programs
At Gotham Taekwon-do, all teachers are personally trained by Headmaster Kwok. Our students' growth and safety are our top priorities.
Teaching Philosophy
Our evidence-based curriculum consists of practices that have been examined through rigorous research.
Little Heroes
Little Heroes (Ages 4-5) program is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way.
Martial Mind
Martial Mind (Ages 5-7) is an integrated self-defense and social-emotional learning program.
Juniors Program
Juniors Taekwon-do (Ages 8-12) is a traditional martial arts program with the emphasis of appropriate social behaviors.
Teens & Adults
Our Teens & Adults Program (Ages 13 and up) focuses on traditional Taekwon-do training with a practical, non-competitive and scientific approach.

In-Person group and private lessons are available for children and adults, please contact us.