Martial Mind

Martial Mind (Ages 5 - 7) is an 18-24 month, traditional martial arts-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) certification program, inspired by Headmaster Kwok's program designed for formal education. We, as educators, aim to nurture the character development of our students so they can grow into respectful, well-coping, and moral individuals. As children at this age are still in the early stages of developing cognitive skills, the belt system is divided into different checkpoints for the preparation of their entry to the Juniors program.

Besides learning to kick and punch properly, as well as age-appropriate self-defense techniques, we will spotlight a key theme, such as respect, focus, integrity, and self-control. We will demonstrate the meaning behind the selected theme and how it benefits the students' social skills and emotional competencies through physical practice. We aim to guide students to transfer the skills learned in class to their lives in academic and home settings.

Upon completion of the Martial Mind program, our students will receive an official certificate issued by Martial Arts Education Society. They are expected to progress in our Juniors Taekwon-do program at an accelerated rate.

Private lesson is available upon request - Private lesson is suitable for all students regardless of rank and age. The structure of private lesson and lesson content is based on your personal goals and needs in Taekwon-do. Students will get quick and measurable results and the motivation to push the results further. Private lesson will allow students receive better results in less time, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

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Our Programs
At Gotham Taekwon-do, all teachers are personally trained by Headmaster Kwok. Our students' growth and safety are our top priorities.
Teaching Philosophy
Our evidence-based curriculum consists of practices that have been examined through rigorous research.
Little Heroes
Little Heroes (Ages 4-5) program is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way.
Martial Mind
Martial Mind (Ages 5-7) is an integrated self-defense and social-emotional learning program.
Juniors Program
Juniors Taekwon-do (Ages 8-12) is a traditional martial arts program with the emphasis of appropriate social behaviors.
Teens & Adults
Our Teens & Adults Program (Ages 13 and up) focuses on traditional Taekwon-do training with a practical, non-competitive and scientific approach.

In-Person group and private lessons are available for children and adults, please contact us.