About Us

Why Gotham Taekwon-do?

Gotham Taekwon-do has been established in Lenox Hill/ Upper East Side since 2007 and continues to successfully support students' growth and educate them to achieve their goals.

Credentials — Serving our communities for more than 17 years, Headmaster Kwok, a Doctor of Education with over 45 years of martial arts experience, pays close attention to each student and adapts to their learning style.

Consistency — Having a consistent teacher like Headmaster Kwok helps the program stay well structured and organized. It is also crucial that the school setting is welcoming for students to feel confident and comfortable in order to fully be engaged to learn.

Small Community — Our program is a close-knit community with students and parents from different professions. Headmaster Kwok is open to work closely with parents to accommodate their children's need. At Gotham Taekwon-do, students are exposed to traditional martial arts culture; they also interact with students from different backgrounds. They tend to be more culturally intelligent and eager to explore other values in life.

Safety — At Gotham Taekwon-do, our students' safety is our top priority. All teachers undergo background checks in order to secure a safe and professional environment for students taking part in our programs.

Giving back to our communities — Headmaster William Kwok passionately believes in giving back to our communities and making a difference. He volunteers to teach self-defense workshops in underprivileged communities and produces short films that promote peace, anti-bullying, and practical self-defense concepts.

We offer private lessons for students that need more individual support and guidance. Whether it is for more intensive training or better scheduling, we are here for you.

Our Programs
At Gotham Taekwon-do, all teachers are personally trained by Headmaster Kwok. Our students' growth and safety are our top priorities.
Teaching Philosophy
Our evidence-based curriculum consists of practices that have been examined through rigorous research.
Little Heroes
Little Heroes (Ages 4-5) program is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way.
Martial Mind
Martial Mind (Ages 5-7) is an integrated self-defense and social-emotional learning program.
Juniors Program
Juniors Taekwon-do (Ages 8-12) is a traditional martial arts program with the emphasis of appropriate social behaviors.
Teens & Adults
Our Teens & Adults Program (Ages 13 and up) focuses on traditional Taekwon-do training with a practical, non-competitive and scientific approach.

In-Person group and private lessons are available for children and adults, please contact us.